During the Offensive player’s Main Phase, they may initiate an attack.

First, the Offensive player selects an active character and declares that they will be attacking another player. The Defensive player may then select an active character they control and declare it as a blocker. Before these characters begin dealing damage to one another, the players then may play Command cards until both players are finished in doing so.

Typically, the characters will deal damage to each other simultaneously. Each character subtracts the opposing character’s power from their own toughness. If at this point a character’s toughness is equal to or less than 0, that character is then destroyed and placed in the appropriate player’s Netherworld. The act of attacking or blocking will then set that character to sleep mode.

(Note that the damage dealt to characters persists until the conclusion of that turn’s Discard Phase )

Unblocked Damage

When a Defensive player is attacked by a character and does not block, they may choose to "Graze". To Graze, the Defensive player takes the Graze value of the attacking character, takes that many cards off the top of their deck, and adds them to their sleeping nodes. This is a great desperate tactic for the Defensive player when they need more nodes for a counter-assault or to build up momentum.