The flow of the game is divided into phases. Here are the following phases in their respective order: Active, Maintenance, Draw, Main, and Discard. In a given turn, which is defined as a cycle through the five phases, there is an Offensive and Defensive player. Once the Offensive player has completed the five phases, the roles of the two players switch and a new turn begins.

Active Phase

In this phase, all cards which are considered in "sleep mode" are set to "active mode". Nodes are not included in this process, however.

Maintenance Phase

At this point, any cards that have maintenance costs must have those costs paid. If you choose not to pay the maintenance cost for a card, that card is immediately destroyed. The order in which you pay maintenance costs is completely optional.

Draw Phase

In this phase, the Offensive player for this turn draws one card from the top of their deck. In the very first turn, however, the Offensive player does not draw.

Main Phase

This phase is essentially where most actions will be performed. During the main phase, the Offensive player may initiate an attack, play a character, or play a spell card.

Discard Phase

This phase concludes the cycle of phases composing a turn. At this point, if the Offensive player has more than seven cards in their hand, they must discard cards until they have seven. Upon completion of this phase, combat damage dealt to characters is reset and effects lasting until "end of turn" are ended.