Deck Construction

A deck consists of exactly 50 cards. There can only be three copies of a single card throughout the deck.

Starting a Game

Before the start of the game, all participating players must shuffle their decks, have other players shuffle or cut their deck, and then place said deck in its appropriate place on their field. All players then set their life counters (dice, stones, etc) to 25. Then players decide who is to go first, whether that be through a game of rock-paper-scissors or the rolling of dice. Once the starting player and order of play is decided, all players draw seven cards from the top of their deck. Officially, it is not possible to "mulligan" one’s hand, though in casual play it may be permitted through general consensus.

Object of the Game

If either of these cases come to pass, victory will be achieved:

1. Your opponent’ life points drop to 0

2. Your opponent must draw a card from their deck, but there are no cards left (even if the deck runs out of cards, they don’t immediately lose)